Grupie On The Move: Superbowl Frenzy In Dallas…

The Grupie February 7 0

The elements was def against us in Dallas, the mixture of snow and ice might kept the masses from hitting the day job but it didnt come between me and what I dub’d as my bday weekend celebration- Superbowl 2o11 hosted in Dallas!!! It also didn’t stop the promoters from charging as high as $300 for club entrance nor the celebs from trying to have a good time. A few parties held in tents got off to a rocky start, after the tents collapsed under the weight of the snow, but all in all it was a good time for those who braved the storm. Here’s what I did!!

Thursday, Team BBC threw a party @ Deux Lounge. I luv’d the spot, it was real swanky.

Saturday, Bella 32 Hosted Terrell Owens & Friends Party. I had an absolute blast at this party!!!

Sunday, Akita Group threw a party Hosted by Wendy Raquel Robinson

Overall, I enjoyed the weekend but I’m glad its over!!! xoxo… Montanna

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