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The Grupie February 7 0

You can plan a pretty picnic but you cant predict the weather” and I have certainly been living proof of that. First let me tell you where the drama started…. LAST MONDAY, some of the beautiful ladies of LFL, Dallas Desire stopped by the studio where I host Tha Afterparty Radio Show. Though we scheduled 3 of the players for the show, while in route to the studio I received text messages and a tweet advising one of our guest, Tisha Marie Payton would not be showing up and all hell broke loose in the studio. Before the show popped off good we got angry callers upset that Tisha was a no show and thats when things started getting heated. Tisha called in the studio to apologize for not showing up due to her busy schedule, yet found the time to make numerous calls into the show.. During one of the calls I asked her about the unity of the team and homegirl started popping off with, “there is no unity and thats why I’m leaving the team” to “I’m not a starting player on the team because I wouldnt cuddle with the head coach” to mentions of her being disloyal to the team that enabled her to have the opportunity to get the Playboy cover.

I took alot of heat personally because of this interview which baffles the hell out of me! For one, I was very excited to have Tisha Marie on the show because I felt like we have some things in common, she tried out for football while I tried out for the Roller Derby (both contact sports), she’s a single parent trying to make moves for herself- before I snabbed my man I too was on the grind as well. Though I think its an honor to be compared to Wendy Williams, I didnt “Wendy Williams” Tisha, as a matter of fact, I didnt have to dig for juice because Tish gave it up willingly.. CHECK THE TAPE!

I luv my job! ;-)

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