Grand Openings, Ballin w/ Boys AND a Launch Party… I Have Been a Busy GRUPIE!!!

The Grupie May 30 0

I HAVE MISSED YOU GUYS!!! There has not been a day that has gone by that I didn’t want to update you with all the action that has been stirring up in my world.  Did I mention that Corporate America tossed my ass out the door? Yes ya’ll and even with the eff’d up economy and high ass gas prices I was happy then a mofo to get the boot! I was sick of the office gossip, the fake ass co-workers acting like damn snitching ass pre-schoolers and most importantly working a job that I didn’t satisfy my intellect let alone my pocketbook. SO.. for the past 2 months I have been on my own jock, making my own way and I feel so liberated for that shit!

Here’s a lil bit of whats been going on with me since the cubicle boot..

Grand Opening @ Button’s Restaurant In Desoto:

I had the chance of meeting the owners of this fine establishment.. I’ve since been there twice and luv the fact that they both interact with guests.. The chicken n waffles go HARD!

Ballin With the Boys:

I also got the opportunity to attend the Third Annual Ballin’ with the Boys Celebrity Charity Basketball Tournament which Enlisted Dallas Cowboys Legends, Current Players and Various Celebrities to Provide Support to H-E-B ISD. The game is designed to pit former Dallas Cowboys legends against current Dallas Cowboys standouts in an hour-long basketball showdown.

Ballin’ with the Boys esteemed confirmed guests include: Dallas Cowboys: Martellus Bennett, Dez Bryant, Marcus Spears, Tashard Choice, Stephen McGee, Sam Hurd, Jesse Holley, Bryan McCann

Other participants include: Nancy Lieberman, Spud Webb, Michael Irving, Everson Walls, Rocket Ishmael, Drew Pearson and National Recording Artist, Dondria (So So Def)…

The Official Launch Party for Tap:

Yes fam.. after 7 months of my first radio personality gig I officially launched my radio show- Tha Afterparty Radio Show and what a memorable night it was! My homey DJ Kayotik mixed our live broadcast and Last Shot Photography captured all the memorable moments.. These are just a few pics the rest of them with be uploaded to the TAP site..

I brought my duck tail and signature color back..

Words cant explain all the fun I had that night, not to mention meeting listeners for the first time..

When I’m MIA don’t panic, just know your favorite honorary grupie is on her some serious grupie biz that is keeping me away. I enjoy getting out in the mix and doing something that I luv and that actually keeps me smiling.

If you would like some Grupie Luv and would like for us to cover your event, shoot me an


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