A #Dallas Woman Have Nude Pics Of Michael Vick…

montannathagrupie November 8 0
A #Dallas Woman Have Nude Pics Of Michael Vick…

Sometime last year Michael Vick was apparently humping around with a chick from Dallas the night before a game and decided to snap frontal shots of himself (from the neck down with her camera) revealing his tattos even the infamous “superman” tat. According to reports this chick is wanted to get paid to not release them but Vick’s camp aint even bothered:

“The only thing Mike has on his mind is his date with the Chicago Bears this evening,” say his rep Rick French. “The rest of what this woman is claiming isn’t worth dignifying.”

I aint gonna front, I would’nt mind seeing these pics my damn self… BUT I GOTTA ASK… Now, if Mike and this random chick was in a hotel room where he was snapping naked shots would’nt it suggest some action may have went down? It’s my understanding that Michael Vick’s wang is infected.. Yawl remember his herpes scandal a while back.. Ladies if you was digging a dude that told you he had Herpes but was PAID would you still goose with him???

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