Guess Who’s Back In The Mother F–N House!! @GrupieLuv Is BACK!!!

montannathagrupie November 7 0
Guess Who’s Back In The Mother F–N House!! @GrupieLuv Is BACK!!!

If you are wondering if I have lost my D mind the answer is NOPE!  I have been on a  mission… A Grupie mission.. LMAO, no seriously I know its been a minute since my last post and I could come up with random excuses but the real is—->>> a chick been super busy! I know the one thing I hate is when I start luving something and then POOF, SNAP, BAM I aint getting it anymore! Well thats how I’ve felt about my blog. I’m supposed to be keeping you guys in the know-which I have via the radio show-but I have fallen short here. Six months ago I decided to take the show to full time status and the hard work has been paying off! Not only has the listenership grown rapidly because YOU GUYS ROCK, I’ve been privileged to host some great events, get involved with charities, and rub elbows and kiss babies all while struggling to keep my grupie hat on..Since starting my radio gig I was desperately trying to figure out how I would be able to do both the blog and my radio show without neglecting either. My solution???… GrupieLuv gives you the backstage pass to entertainment according to ME “The Grupie” since I absoulutly luv to spread the luv. After you get backstage whats next? THA AFTERPARTY with the hottest music and most faboulous people on the planet 24/7!!! Life will be easier on me and the people will be happy in the process.. Problem solved!

So what cha think? Look, entertainment blogging is hard yawl and writers block is a biotch! I’m just going with the flow not sure where this journey will take me. One thing I know is I aint giving up, so I hope you keep rocking with the new and improved me.. Solo Dolo in this Mofo!

xoxo… Tha Grupie ♥

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