Patti LaBelle Is About To Be Sued For Throwing Water On A Toddler & Trying To Punch The Mother!!

montannathagrupie November 16 0
Patti LaBelle Is About To Be Sued For Throwing Water On A Toddler & Trying To Punch The Mother!!

I don’t know if its old age or what but clearly Patti LaBelle-born- Patricia Louise Holte – has lost her damn mind!! According to reports R&B diva Patti Labelle is getting sued yet again. This time the 67-year-old singer allegedly hurled half-a-bottle of water at a woman and her 18-month-old child in the lobby of New York City apartment building. According to the woman’s lawyer:

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The Monks’ lawyer, Sam Davis, said Genevieve, then 18 months old, was scampering around the lobby of a Riverside Blvd. apartment building on the upper West Side in November when LaBelle, in full star regalia with oversize shades and a fur coat, started yelling.
“‘What are you doing letting your kid run around like that?’” Davis quoted LaBelle as asking Roseanna Monk.
He said LaBelle, a mother of five, then started “screaming at my client, throwing water from a bottle at the mother’s face and the baby’s face.”
Davis said Monk, a kindergarten teacher, scooped up her child. “‘Are you happy that this is what you have done to this baby?!’” Davis said Roseanna Monk asked the singer.
At that point LaBelle, “tries to take a swing” at his client, he said.
LaBelle’s entourage then shoved her into a black car and the baby violently threw up all over her mother, Davis said.

Although Roseanna and her husband, Kevin Monk filed a report with the police, the “Lady Marmalade” singer was not arrested. Roseanna Monk has also asked LaBelle for an apology and a donation to a children’s cancer charity but that requested was denied. According to the couple’s lawyer, the Monks believe “someone’s got to teach her even a diva can’t attack and frighten and assault regular people in the building.”
You may remember how earlier this year a military cadet filed a report against LaBelle after a scuffle with her bodyguards while in Houston, Texas. Hmm…What’s going on, Ms. LaBelle?…

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