Rihanna to collaborate with Chris Brown for new song ‘Birthday Cake’?

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Rihanna to collaborate with Chris Brown for new song ‘Birthday Cake’?

Rihanna is believed to have collaborated with Chris Brown on a new song. The pair are heavily rumored to have hooked up for a full version of Rihanna’s Talk That Talk album track ‘Birthday Cake’, which will be released on the star’s birthday which is TODAY!!!

According to MissInfo.tv (via Billboard), Rihanna and Brown have recorded vocals for the new remixed version, with Brown set to feature in the accompanying music video. It’s clear these two have some unfinished business with one another, how would you feel if they rekindled their relationship? Would you be disappointed? Let’s be real here.. How many times have you gone back and forth in a relationship? One minute you love your partner the next you hate em. Though its clear Chris crossed the line yet we can’t ignore the fact that they were both young, and since Chris has done his due diligence to show us that’s he reformed… Yawl (media and the haters) made them break up! Your thoughts…

Here’s the album version:

The report suggests that Brown sings and rhymes on the track, but it has not been clarified whether both aspects will be included on the final edit.
‘Birthday Cake’ producers Da Internz told MTV: “It’s gonna be crazy. And the feature on there is gonna shock the world.”

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