Video: Chad Johnson Being Cut From The Miami Dolphins

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Video: Chad Johnson Being Cut From The Miami Dolphins

To add insult to injury, last night HBO’s Hard Knocks aired the footage of Chad Johnson being cut from the Miami Dolphins.

Prior to the meeting, Coach Philbin could be heard on the phone saying:

This summer he was tweeting stuff he shouldn’t have been, then we had a press conference where he goes off on a tirade, ‘F this and F that’ and now we have this thing. He hasn’t been around us a long time. His temperament isn’t great for us. When things are good, it’s good but when things aren’t so good, he can be a tad… you know.

It was kind of sad to see Chad trying to explain himself but already knowing the outcome.

He tweeted:

I haven’t had to tread water in a long time… special thank you to my fans…family…friends for keeping me afloat

Check out the footage below:

I guess some Reality TV is REAL. Didn’t this just happen???


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