Grupie’s Groove: @kmichelle – How Many Times #MusicMonday

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Grupie’s Groove: @kmichelle – How Many Times #MusicMonday

This week’s Grupie’s Groove song by K. Michelle is THE perfect song for the ladies to relate to.

If you were hurt like I was before
Ladies go turn up your radio
Cause I’m gonna sing this one for us yeah
See they complain about our attitude
Talk about the things we do
to me it seems so obvious
They like it they keep coming back, keep coming back
For more

You’re always so quick to up and criticize
I got my flaws and yes I realize
I’ve become so hard to deal with
‘Cause this point of my heart is so tired

Check out the video below and tune in to The Morning Party tomorrow 10am-12pm on Tha Afterparty Radio for more on why this is the Grupie’s Groove of the week!

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