Siohvaughn Wade Speaks On Her Child Custody Battle, Broken Marriage & Past Domestic Violence In Relationship With Dwyane Wade

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Siohvaughn Wade Speaks On Her Child Custody Battle, Broken Marriage & Past Domestic Violence In Relationship With Dwyane Wade

Although, it seems as though Dwayne Wade has been skipping in the tulips since winning primary custody of his sons and maintaining a public relationship with his Hollywood girlfriend, his ex wife Siovaughn Wade has had to deal with her “truths” and is finally breaking her silence on ‘Real Talk With Kietta,’ and says their courtroom drama is far from over. In the in-depth interview, Siohvaughn dished on Dwyane’s abusive childhood that left him knocking on her mother’s door at 16 asking for a place to stay, all the way to him getting drafted and her saying he changed after he got some money in his pockets. She also claims that he was still intimate with her while dating Gabrielle Union and detailed a time that he abused her while she was pregnant after she questioned him about where he disappeared to in the middle of the night.

Here’s The Juice:

On Why She’s Speaking Out Right Now
Well, I believe now I’ve overcome fear.
Siohvaughn On Dwyane Getting Drafted
I was happy because it was a dream of his. His dreams had somehow became even my own, so I was very happy.[…]I saw him set a goal and I was proud of him. I was happy for him, but when I realized that we had gotten this fortune in exchange for our faith and our family, I was destroyed at that point. It started to get really bad the summer right after he’d been drafted. I was over the phone with him and he had said something to me very, very, angrily, and I had something to him about speaking to me  and being disrespectful and he told me, ‘Do you wanna go and live in your mother’s house? ‘Cause that’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna end up back living in your mother’s house.’ I was very shocked. It was a very, very awful feeling. We stayed together but now that I can look back, from that moment it went downhill.
On Dwyane & Gabrielle Union
Separated and divorced are two different things. I’m not certain when it happened or when she happened but I know that I was very married. I know that me and Dwyane at that time had talked about reconciliation going back and forth. I was still even intimate sometimes with my then husband. So, does that constitute sleeping or having an affair with somebody’s husband? Yes. To me, divorce and separation are always two different things.The lawsuit was about her having a negative effect on my children. That’s what that lawsuit was about. Her behavior and the things she did and said began to effect my sons, that’s when I opened my mouth and did something about it.

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