Is A Women’s Sex Her Pocketbook?

montannathagrupie October 3 0
Is A Women’s Sex Her Pocketbook?

Ladies, when you were little did your mother, aunt, or granny refer to your vagina as your “Pocketbook” or “Coin Purse”? Is the saying true, “as long as you have that gold between your legs you shouldn’t ever want for anything”?

You can call me a gold digger, a GROUPIE or a superficial bitch, but I happen think its perfectly ok to be attracted to men with MONEY! If they have no gold to dig, we probably wouldn’t dig them. What is the one thing that your mama or daddy if he’s around tells you to look for in a guy?  Find a guy who is FINANCIALLY stable!  What is financial stable anyway?  According to most ladies, being financial stable means, if you decided not to work and stayed home with the kids, you would not be living on the streets.  With inflation’s  a guy making $80K a year is really nothing. In some cities you can’t even survive on that salary.  Guys, there is no such thing as a girl who wants to be with you just because of your personality, and not for their money. Hello, we ladies are with you because of your entire package. Do you think I would just want to be with a guy who has a big peen? Hell no, I want a big peen, money, looks and personality.  Is that too much to ask? hehe Money of course is not everything but it does make a man a little more attractive. It shows women that you are intelligent, hardworking and a bread winner
. For those butt ugly guys especially, you have to compensate your ugliness with money.

True or not true? How about a reference point:….. LOL! This is why I love me some @TheRealJuicyJ!! Enjoy.. #GrupieLuv

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