Hip Hop Music- Female Lyricist- Dreezy

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Hip Hop Music- Female Lyricist- Dreezy

An Atlanta Music Promoter Featured Artist out of Chicago:

By: Crunkatlanta

Birth Name: Seandrea Sledge aka “DREEZY”
Favorite Rapper(s): Meek Mill, J.Cole, Drake

Dreezy is a solo rapper and Native of Chicago’s Southside. She has two younger sisters that love her dearly. She is best known for her singles “Illest Bitch Alive”, “Dreamer”, “Cole Hearted”, and her latest freestyle “First Degree” which is gaining a lot of attention on YouTube.


As a young girl, Dreezy showed an aptitude for music before she could even speak well. She always managed to learn the hooks on every hit R&B song. In her spare time she was always writing poems, or songs to whatever was going on around her. Sometimes her writings were about issues that were going on in and around her home. She often wrote on being different, and despite the challenges of having the common interests of most children her age, Dreezy never let anything come in the way of her singing and writing.

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