Dr. Creflo Dollar Makes History!!!

montannathagrupie April 18 0
Dr. Creflo Dollar Makes History!!!

Did ya’ll know I love me some Creflo Dollar, renowned founder and pastor of World Changers Church International? Well I do! Listening to his sermons during my stint with Corporate America was the one of the things that got me through! So I’m delighted to learn that after Arrow Records released S.E.R.M.O.N.S. SONGS Volume I, featuring Creflo Dollar, and  has announced an achieved landmark accomplishment by remaining on Billboard’s Gospel Albums chart for eight weeks and peaking at #16.

“My goal is to provide a unique experience for listeners to help empower their spiritual walk with Christ,” says Dr. Dollar

S.E.R.M.O.N.S. SONGS, which stands for Spiritually Empowering Recorded Music Over Niche Sermons, is a unique collection of songs that features messages by Creflo Dollar, coupled with original compositions by Sam Collier.  This innovative project is the first major release to present sermons musically, and its chart success is a first for a Christian music release featuring spoken word in this manner.  Kudos to Dr. Dollar!


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