@RayJ Releases ‘I Hit It First’ Video

montannathagrupie April 29 0
@RayJ Releases ‘I Hit It First’ Video

Kim Kardashian is a whore, groupie, irrelevant and has no morals according to popular belief yet this chick stays in the media! Right when we thought former flame–Ray J’s song was dead he released the visuals to accompany his Kim K diss record “I Hit It First.”

Ray J’s desperation for relevancy manifests in “I Hit It First.” The 6 indoor/outdoor pools he often brags about, must not be keeping him entertained because, like the rest of the media, he took the opportunity to kick Kim at her most vulnerable state–when she is pregnant! Not to mention that Kim is happily involved! Instead of looking cool, Ray just looks desperate. Though he insists the song isn’t about Kim, the hologram Kim K look-a-like tells a different story!

Move on Brandy’s lil brother Ray J!!!


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