Ashanti Interviews Ex Boyfriend Nelly!

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Ashanti Interviews Ex Boyfriend Nelly!

I admire Ashanti for staying on her grind! Aside from working on a new album and starring in the current season of Army Wives, she stills serving as executive producer and anchor at Fuse News.  This week, she used her star power to wrangle rapper Nelly, which made for a pretty interesting interview since the two are fresh off of a breakup.

During their sit-down, they chatted about things like how Hip Hop has changed since Nelly first came out and whether his music has evolved.  When Ashanti’s line of questioning turned to his preference in women, Nelly looked surprised before he took the opportunity to list all the things that are deal breakers in a relationship. Check it out:

The interview was very mature and Ashanti kept it professional. Could you keep it professional if you still had to interact with your ex?

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