Miley Cyrus “Can’t Be Stopped” (music video)

montannathagrupie June 26 0
Miley Cyrus “Can’t Be Stopped” (music video)

Disney stars don’t stay young forever. Miley Cyrus may have won over teenie-bop hearts on The Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana, but the now 20-year-old actress/singer is coming into her own, even if it means shocking a few conservatives. To that end, we’ve seen her sporting daisy dukes, twerking and sharing studio time with rappers.

Miley can be seen doing the most as she’s skinny-dipping, kissing dolls, amputating fingers, dancing with taxidermied animals and more in her latest Diane Martel-directed music video for her latest single “We Can’t Stop.”The video is a  shocking departure from her “Hannah Montana” Disney days, but no surprise if you’ve been following the 20-year-old’s Twitter photos.

Cyrus’ latest track is the first single off of her highly-anticipated new album, rumored to be out later this year. Word on the block she is looking for a “black sound”.. What are your thoughts on the grown-up Miley?


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