#GetTheLook by @AngelaCStyles #LAHair

montannathagrupie July 23 0
#GetTheLook by @AngelaCStyles #LAHair

We all know Angela C. Styles from the hit reality show L.A. Hair on weTV right? In case you’ve been living under a rock OR your bootleg cable doesn’t get WE, she’s the amazingly talented celebrity hair stylist who is determined to go all the way to the top at the Kim Kimble Hair Salon as well as a GOOD judy of #ThaAfterparty Radio! Homegirl has been putting together a series of How To’s on Hair Styling for the on-the-go-diva like me! So.. if you’re having a halfway bad hair day or your curls on one side don’t match the other, check out this style tutorial to give your hair a quick fix.

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This is my version of Angela’s hairstyle, except I did a not so straight french braid…. Try the look and tweet a picture with the message: #GetTheLook by @AngelaCStyles

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