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hosted weekdays by entertainment maven Montanna “Tha Grupie” Mitchem . Instead of rehashing the same headlines and mindless event promotions, Tha Afterparty delivers the weekend news wrap-up in Tha Hangover, music previews and debuts in Grupie’s Groove, and uncensored wit as the hosts get the inside scoop on the who’s who of the “D”.

Expect 2 hours of overly opinionated and sometimes substantiated celebrity-inspired topics, soundtrack ‘battle’ and a spin like you’ve never seen before on guest interviews,

If it’s hot, fresh and exclusive, Montanna The Grupie is all over it. And why not? Everybody loves a little ‘grupie luv’.

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Show Features

Tha Hangover
Montanna presses rewind on the previous weekend’s entertainment headlines but with a personal spin. Listeners and viewers are invited to call in about the topics and leave comments after each week’s recap on the blog.

Tha Hookup
Summer G plays matchmaker with our single listeners and viewers on Facebook and Twitter. You never quite know how the live conversations might spin but you’re sure to be entertained. If you’re interested in more info, contact us.

“D-Boy Wives”
Who needs reality TV when you have soap opera radio? This mini-mellow drama includes a twisted tale of romance, destiny, scandal, and self-discovery in this suspenseful tale from Tha Hood… Oak Cliff, Texas to be exact. Main characters include Sharisa “Suga” King – a 29 year old veteran exotic dancer, Brian “Baby” Davis – a 32 year old “boss” (think Nino Brown), Tiffany Shapiro – a 29 year old corporate accountant and “good girl”. You do NOT want to miss an episode… TRUST.

Grupie’s Groove
The hottest music mix of the moment as created and hosted by some of the best deejays in the country. If you’re interested in submitting your music mix, contact us.

Ignant Topics
Back by popular demand, Summer G sets her moderator wheels in motion to ask the questions that everyone wonders but very few inquire. Popular #ignanttopics of olde include “Salsa Dipping”, “Bare, Bush or Landing Strip?”, “Kissing Cousins” and many others.

If you have a taboo topic that you need insight on and want to ask anonymously, send it to . If its crazy enough, she’ll put it on the air and none will be the wiser that it came from you!


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